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Book an Online Consultation!

Book an online consultation with our gardening expert to help you plan, prepare, and troubleshoot a new or existing garden. During our online consultation we can:

  • Create a planting chart and planting calendar tailored to your specific growing space and region

  • Discuss your soil and recommend an amendment plan for your garden to increase food production

  • Design your garden space

  • Discuss an irrigation plan

  • Troubleshoot issues in your garden including poor production, watering inconsistencies, pest and disease problems and more!

  • Learn how to use fertilizers, organic pest control and more

Our online consultations are highly informative and constructive and will save you hours of research! 

Book a consultation today!

Our Flagship

Online Course!


Learn to Garden Virtually!


Backyard Abundant

An A to Z Framework to create a thriving and sustainable backyard food garden in one season and the foundational knowledge and confidence to keep it growing.

Enrollment Closed for our Spring 2022 Semester. Check back for our Spring 2023 open enrollment coming soon!

Course in a Nutshell:

  • Powerfully transform your gardening journey into a success story alongside a cohort

  • 8 Training Modules

  • 50 Lessons

  • Delivered over 12 weeks 

  • LIVE support from instructor

  • Exclusive bonuses to supercharge your progress!

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