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Teach Me To Grow creates beautiful and unique garden spaces. 

Every garden build is customized to your space and preferences and comes with printed growing instructions for your specific garden as well as help planning for ongoing care to help keep your garden thriving. 

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Ongoing Care Plan

Container Garden

Perfect for a sunny balcony or restaurant patio. A container garden allows you to grow food almost anywhere! A great choice for those looking to grow in small spaces.

Raised Bed Garden

‚ÄčA creative option for mid-sized spaces or those seeking a more polished look. Find unique design and a low-maintenance option with a raised bed garden.  

In Ground Garden

Great for those looking to build soil heath and establish a more diverse, traditional garden. Excellent for large sprawling plants like squash and cucumbers.

We love including fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, and vines in our garden builds as well as pollinator attracting perennials!

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