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Put the freshest herbs and produce at the top of your list with a GROW Partnership through Teach Me To Grow!


Build your soil, extend harvests, and enjoy abundant and diversified food production in YOUR landscape with the help of our dedicated garden staff through a

GROW Partnership. 

Whether you want to learn the skills yourself or simply rest easy while we make regular visits that keep your garden b(l)ooming,

a GROW Partnership will save you time and give you the confidence and expertise to unlock your garden's highest potential so you can get the MOST out of your garden! 


GROW Partnerships

Regular Maintenance and Coaching visits to fit YOUR garden and lifestyle!

Keep those produce drawers stocked all season with fresh food from your garden and an expert hand from

Teach Me To Grow.

100% awesome

Partner with us for the season to gain years of gardening technique and information in a practical setting (your garden!)


Sit back and enjoy the harvest while we help maintain your garden!

Enjoy discounted labor rates and more when choosing a GROW Partnership!

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