Empowering Northern Colorado gardeners through

education based services.

Our services include:

Planting Plans


Garden Coaching

You have the garden plot - We help you to optimize it with plant placement, soil amending and plant selection. A TMTG horticulturist will come with your pre-selected plant and seed choices, tools, and labels and plant your garden along side you. We leave you with all the info you'll need to be successful. 


3-4 hour visit


Trial and error can leave gardeners discouraged. A Teach Me To Grow garden expert will visit you at your garden, answer questions and provide recommendations so you can succeed. 



Gardening can take years to learn! Teach Me To Grow Garden Coaching will dramatically advance your gardening skill and confidence, show you how to nurture your garden for an abundant harvest, and more. 


Recurring visit contract

weekly, monthly, quarterly

Teach Me To Grow, LLC

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Fort Collins, CO