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Enjoy the boundless benefits of fresh, organic food grown right in your landscape with the expertise, guidance and encouragement of
Teach Me To Grow, LLC.

Formally serving Northern Colorado in the Design, Maintenance, and Education of

food-producing gardens in-person for over 5 years, our specialists know what it takes to grow food abundantly in your landscape! 

We now offer our Consulting, Design, and Education services ONLINE ONLY!

Our dynamic, online garden consultations and design work lend step-by-step, customized instruction from our garden specialists that is tailored to your region, lifestyle, goals, and outdoor space. You will be amazed at how much you can learn through working with us online! 

...Through each service, we share priceless knowledge that will help you grow abundantly in your landscape for years to come.




Better food,

healthier, happier lifestyle.

At Teach Me To Grow, we know the home garden delivers so much more than fresh, nutritious food!


We see gardens as an essential tool for a healthy, happy lifestyle; connecting us to our food, our planet, ourselves, and to each other.

Can you dig it?


Why the gardeners we help succeed...

We take a deep dive into your garden's needs by reviewing dimensions, soil history, climate range, watering technique, plant schematics, fertilizer use and more.

Then we equip our customers with the knowledge they need to be successful. 

The most valuable and thorough online consultations you will ever experience!

We help educate you on what to do step-by-step to help you reach your gardening goals and grow food abundantly.

Our dynamic and detailed consultations can help you:

Create a customized soil amendment plan for your garden
Design a new growing space, or improve an existing one
Troubleshoot issues your garden is experiencing
Plan out a planting plan and calendar for tailored to your palette and space
Assess the landscape as a whole and create a more sustainable gardening system
Learn about various crop habits, insect mitigation, fertilizing, and more!

Abundant gardens start with a well thought out plan and clear action items to execute.

We design garden spaces that are organic, sustainable, and productive and help connect you with the people and tools in your area that you need to bring it to life!

Our design packages include:


Initial hour virtual consultation to determine you goals, objectives, site history, and photo assessment of your space.

Functional food-forward design​ tailored to your preferences that meet goals and objectives and budget for installation.

Recommendations for soil, amendments, and irrigation design for installers, included in design notes.

Option for step-by-step install action items for DIY homeowners.

Partnership and project management assistance for physical Garden Installation.

Save time and money on expensive designers and gain the experience of a designer who specializes in food-forward and sustainable garden design.



Are you ready?

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