Enjoy the boundless benefits of fresh, organic food grown right in your landscape with the expertise, guidance and encouragement of
Teach Me To Grow, LLC.

Teach Me To Grow specializes in the Design, Maintenance, and Education of

food-producing gardens for your home or business!

We help you to achieve a garden that is abundant, functional, and perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and palate preferences...

...and we share knowledge that will help you grow for years to come along the way.



Why an edible garden?

Better food,

healthier, happier lifestyle.

At Teach Me To Grow, we know the home garden delivers so much more than fresh, nutritious food!


We see gardens as an essential tool for a healthy, happy lifestyle; connecting us to our food, our planet, ourselves, and to each other.

Can you dig it?


Why our gardens succeed...

Our gardens are built, planted and maintained with quality, organic soils and amendments.

We grow healthy, vigorous starts to plant in your garden and we equip our customers with the knowledge they need to be successful. 

Wherever you're at, we'll meet you there.

Whether a one time consultation or a multiple visit GROW partnership, we supply the practical knowledge to set your garden dreams abloom.

Abundant gardens start with the right soil and irrigation plan. we design and cultivate gardens that are organic, sustainable, and productive

- custom tailored to your taste and lifestyle.

Functional Design​

Sustainable Installation

Reliable Maintenance

Garden Irrigation

Garden Sitting

Existing Garden


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